Here I am, aged about 18 in my first year in Chelsea school of art.

Firstly, I'm ancient. I know that shouldn't be an issue - but it has been with a number of organisations that I have tried to work with while at University - all of whom squirmed when they realised I wasn't a student in my 20s. On the other hand others have embraced it - organisations such as Bath xxxxx, BANES council themselves and a number of private clients.


I've been a graphic designer, printed magazines and drawn stuff - occasionally - since I was in my mid teens, I cut my teeth on two years worth of school magazines plus I had my own press.


Since then I've worked as a designer for Dixons, where I met the Macintosh, Future Publishing and been responsible for the switch to electronic publishing at Western/Apple. But most of my life I have freelanced.


After a period of part-time teaching I decided it was time to get a degree,; my teaching career having been blighted by a lack of paper qualifications. To be precise, two "O" levels: Art and English...


So I went to Bath Spa, chosen purely on geography - it's ten mins walk away and I have done five full and part-time years.


This website shows some of the recent and a few not-so-recent examples of work. If there's something you would like me to do , or talk about send me a message via Instagram,

Now nearly 70 and covered in poo. Illustration for my final project.