Stephen doesn’t exhibit work regularly. Shows he has done include, there are other older shows that he has largely forgotten:


Detritus. Bath Fringe Festival and online 2023

Museum of speculative automata - online. 2022 - now removed.

Grey and Dingy Blue - follow up show Greenbelt arts festival 2021

Travelling pop-up show - an on request gallery in a suitcase during the pandemic. 2020

Grey and Dismal Green at Greenbelt arts festival 2018

Grey and Dismal Green at Fringe Arts Bath2017

Mechanisms at Greenbelt arts festival 2011

Mechanisms at Fringe arts bath 2010

Multitude and Multitude 2. Large scale public involvement installations of clay figures. 2004-6

Doris” sculpture on permanent exhibition in Zac’s Place Swansea. 2003




Why are comic books stigmatised? 2024 Critical studies final project (Dissertation).

Detritus 2023 Book to accompany show.

Mechanisms 2010 Online website of carefully constructed and completely (nearly) untrue information. Attacked by science teachers and staunch atheists as “Undermining Darwin”. Which it wasn’t intended to, but was funny, and showed how convincing it was. Tip: wrap a lie in truth and it’s hard to find! Now removed

Grey and Dismal Green 2018 Exhibition 2013, 2016. Book 2018. Various media. Exhibition grew out of a series of drawings made about mental health issues. Drawing were exhibited in Fringe Arts Bath, followed by an expanded show at Greenbelt Arts Festival. Further expansion in 2017-18 ended up with publication of a small book of the illustrations. This sells well at the shows, but has been criticised for having too controversial




Chelsea School of Art 1976: London Certificate in Art and Design

Bath College: 2011 PTTLS, CTTLS, DTTLS Teaching qualifications.

Bath Spa University...


Other qualifications

Apple Certified technician (Past)

Adobe Certified Instructor (Past)

Many software certifications - all these and above lapsed during the pandemic.




Dixons Photographic 1976-1988 Graphic Designer, Shop manager.

Future Publishing1988-1989: Production manager

Apple Computer 1989-91: electronic publishing specialist.

Freelance graphic designer 1991 - present.




I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I have worked with Automata magazine ( where I am currently art editor. BANES, where I have supplied design and illustration. I am also responsible for the Bath Fringe Festival guides and other printed collateral; something I have been doing for ten years. I undertake other commissions as well.

I have been a Lecturer in interactive media, art, photography and business studies at Bath College, and currently function as an external examiner for the University of the Arts,London (UAL).  I undertake training and consultancy in software and design.

I am additionally a mature student who has returned to University, currently studying part-time, leading eventually to an MA.




Key Design skills

Graphic Design




Problem solving

I am an experienced designer, I am used to taking a client brief, analysing it and then proposing a suitable solution. I use my knowledge of digital products to achieve practical cost-effective solutions. I can use a camera; digital, film, motion picture, and video. I have my own equipment.


Key software skills





I am very familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite. I held a Adobe Certified Instructor status in InDesign. I had past ACE in Acrobat, DPS and long ago I certified in Photoshop and Illustrator, but I dropped these due to cost and little commercial benefit. I have also certified in many other applications, and was an accredited  a trainer in Mac applications.


Employment History


In my working life prior to becoming a student at Bath Spa, I worked as a free lancer in various roles. These are listed here.


Lecturer, Bath College 2011— 2023

I have delivered media to teenage learners at Bath college over the last ten years in a number of roles, principally in Interactive media, graphic design. While I have been there I have added art, photography and Business studies to my portfolio. I resigned that position so spend more time on my business and studies.

I also teach a number of evening classes in Graphic Design, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. On the whole I have originated my own materials and course ware.


Freelance Designer and Trainer 1989 —  current.

Designing, producing and innovating printed and digital media for clients.

Clients included: BBC, Apple, Apple dealers, Crest Nicholson, High and Mighty; numerous non-profits and charities including DEBRA, Salvation Army, NSPCC, Prospects, and private individuals. Also current designer of the Bath Fringe Festival guides and marketing collateral.

I have also trained adults in industry to a high level in the art and science of electronic publishing, interactive media and providing consultancy in the same.


Prior to this, many years ago, I worked for a number of companies, a list is provided here, more details if required:

Apple/AppleCentre: 88 - 90

Future Publishing: 86 - 88

Dixons PLC: 1976 - 86