Two illustrative projects undertaken as part of my course at Bath Spa University. Critical studies final project and Professional practice project.

Crab illustration for the annual 'Inktober' project. Loads of little circles make up the rock because I always go over the top on detail.

Oldest picture here. Illustration for DEBRA many years ago. Shows a child affected by EB.

Christmas and birthday cards. '44' one is for Ruth's birthday from me and the cat.

Commission for Komedia, Bath. Nice programme intro: "Stephen is currently a (very) mature student at Bath Spa. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember and delights in cartoons and gentle humour. Much of his working life has been as a graphic designer but in his return to University he hope to concentrate on Illustration. The cover image was started on-site during a performance evening and then finished later, the building is reasonably accurate, but the people are mostly imaginary - it was great fun to draw!”

Above: Mind map of life. Maps life, through jobs, locations and relationships.


Left: 'The nearly tragic story of my toes" drawn to record diabetic issues.


Right: anatomical commission to explain the 'triune brain' to people with issues. Would like to do more of these!